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Welcome to a world of new adventure!

Traversing the planet point-to-point reveals a tremendous amount of diversity, both ecologically and culturally. As a multimedia artist, I've been fortunate to have spent much of my life journeying to many of our planet's most spectacular environments. Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, as well as North and South America have been my specialties in terms of exploration, including both photography and writing.

It is my pleasure to share with you many fine points of these adventures. I've discovered that by tapping the pulse of our beautiful planet, I'm enabled to share many of the fascinating goings-on within the global village. As a result, both my visual and written creations provide timely glimpses into unusual lifestyles, with the main emphasis on conveying pertinent educational information about many intriguing aspects of global village lifestyles... an expanded worldview.

Because the Universe is governed by continual change, paradigm shift is always on the forefront of our lives. The diverse challenges and opportunities of this era are designed to teach us exactly what constitutes enlightened self-governance. Enlightening worldviews reflect the magnificence of this intrinsic evolutionary process. Worldview Educational Network serves in the same capacity... as an expandable, transformative resource guide.

To be better attuned to the bigger picture representing planetary cyclical transformation, which influences our lives and the entire cosmos, please refer to CYCLES OF CHANGE.

Welcome to the cooperatively ordained New Millennium - where every conscious step we take assists both the planet and ourselves to claim our highest birthrights of joy, peace, and bliss! May this fulfillment exponentially expand! For a printable brochure, please CLICK HERE. Please visit our online journal, Worldview Holistic Journal at

Cordially, Loren Lewisohn, Worldview Educational Network



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